Xpress 512 + SM-8 Switch Bundle


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ShowXpress is an incredible DMX Control Software for creating complex light-shows that are volunteer friendly to run. The software is free to download, and is a popular control option for DJs, churches, and schools.

Chauvet DJ’s Xpress 512 is a self-contained interface offering control of a full DMX universe with the use of a Windows or Mac OS X computer. Up to 4 units can be linked together to control multiple universes. A single scene can be saved and played back directly from the Xpress 512 without using a computer, while being able to run an unlimited amount of shows with a computer.

The SM-8 Switch is a DMX Control Station with 8 programmable scenes and a built-in switch for transferring control from this unit back to your lighting console, and vice versa. It is expandable to wall mounted slave stations for adding additional control points around your venue via Cat5. It is easy to program, and requires no installation! 

How They Work Together

Running ShowXpress on a computer in conjunction with an SM-8 Switch has become a popular option for churches! It gives them the freedom to run complex shows on Sundays, while having their most important 8 scenes available at the press of a button without needing to use their computer. They usually use additional SS-8 slave stations, so that they can turn on various scenes from the stage or from next to their door as they are entering. 

The SM-8 Switch can sit in the booth right next to your computer running ShowXpress. Run a short DMX chord from your Xpress 512 into your SM-8 Switch, and then run a chord from your SM-8 Switch to your fixtures. You can run inexpensive Cat5 cabling to your slave stations from your SM-8 Switch. Flip the switch when you want to revert control back to your computer. This will make the slave stations inoperable until flipped back. 

The Xpress 512 & SM-8 Switch Bundle Saves you $80.00


  • Xpress 512 
  • SM-8 Switch
  • 3-ft DMX Cable 

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