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The Spatial Flat is a 30Watt DMX Controllable Recessed LED Fixture With Your Choice of a RGBW or Warm White LED Engine. It requires the use of a DMX600 Driver for power and DMX. 

  • $79.95 for Warm White 
  • $89.95 for RGBW

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Why The Spatial Flat?

The Spatial Flat has been a longtime dream for us, it just took a while to work out the details of the design. We wanted to create a versatile fixture that could offer a beautifully bright and colorful house light for venues with lower drop or drywall ceilings where a Spatial Pendant wouldn’t be a viable solution. It was important to offer a solution that is DMX controllable, and affordable.  

The simplicity is in the low voltage. We created the Spatial Flats as low voltage fixtures for safety and ease of installation. They are cool to the touch, and silent in operation. Don't let 30Watts fool you, each fixture is powerfully bright.

The DMX600 Driver


It the power and control center of the system. Each driver costs $495.95, and can run up to 16 fixtures, from 4 ports, with 4 fixtures being supported at each port. While the Spatial Flats are silent, the drivers are cooled by an audible fan, and should be placed in a utility closet, or sound booth. A DMX connection is needed only at the driver, and not at each fixture. Each driver can only run all Warm White or all RGBW, not a mixture of both. Multiple DMX600 Drivers can be used if wanting to intermix Warm White and RGBW fixtures.

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