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Limited Time Offer! Demo Pricing!

Up to 4  Spatial Flats for $59.95 Each 

Up to 1 Driver for $459.95

What Is The Demo Program?

The best way to know if a Spatial Flat system is right for you is to see them in action. The Spatial Flat demo program offers the necessary driver and up to 4 fixtures, at a discounted price, to try in your facility. If you love them, keep them at the discounted price, and order more here. Not the right fit? Return the demo in 30 days, and receive a full refund. All you have to pay for is the return shipping. 

What Are Spatial Flats?

Spatial Flats are 30Watt, DMX Controllable, Recessed LED Fixtures with either RGBW or Warm White LED Engines. They require the use of a DMX600 Driver for power and DMX. The DMX600 Driver is the power and control center of the system. Each driver costs $495.95, and can run up to 16 fixtures, from 4 ports, with 4 fixtures being supported at each port. While the Spatial Flats are silent, the drivers are cooled by an audible fan, and should be placed in a utility closet, or sound booth. A DMX connection is needed only at the driver, and not at each fixture. Each driver can only run all Warm White or all RGBW, not a mixture of both. Multiple DMX600 Drivers can be used if wanting to intermix Warm White and RGBW fixtures.



Important Considerations!

Spatial Flats are low voltage, so they are safe and easy for any handy person to install themselves! (check your local codes, but you should be allowed to install low voltage fixtures yourself) Our recommended max ceiling height is 15' with centering the lights with 6'-8' spacing. Each fixture is fanless and remains cool to the touch, even after hours of operation! 

The RGBW LED Engine is a great choice, giving you the ability to mix thousands of vibrant colors. You can thus coordinate your house lighting and stage lighting to create powerful moods. You can mix a beautiful warm white on the RGBW, but will lose some brightness. In cases where they are your main lights, like in a church lobby, you may want to go with the Warm Whites for that max brightness. 

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