Wall Station SM-8IF | RS-232 to DMX


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Offers RS-232 to DMX
& Contact Closure Input!

The SM-8IF is a DMX control station with 8 programmable scenes, built-in fade times, and control via RS-232 and Contact Closure input!

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The SM8-IF can be integrated into popular smart systems, such as Crestron, Control4, or AMX. It is expandable via Cat5 to include up to 3 optional slave stations for additional points of control around a venue. The SM-8IF requires a DMX lighting controller or computer running DMX lighting software to program the 8 scenes, but can run independently after being programmed.


Who Is This For?

This is for anyone who wants to integrate DMX fixtures into a system like Crestron or Control4 via RS-232 or Contact Closures. Once integrated, you can recall any of the programmed scenes from either your smart system, or directly from the SM-8IF.  

Here is an example of how we use the SM-8IF in our office. Our office lighting is automated through Control4, so at the beginning and end of the day, we hit a single button, and all our work lights turn on and off. This makes it convenient for quick exists when a single button can assure us that we didn’t leave any lights on. Yet, in our studio, we use DMX wash lighting for filming product videos.  

Usually this would mean having two different systems of control, but with the SM-8IF, we were able to integrate 8 scenes of DMX control into our Control4 system. So turning off all the office lighting, including the studio, is as easy as pushing one button at the end of a long day. 

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