SM-8 Switch + Wall Station | Easter Special!

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$20 off when you purchase a SM-8 Switch with one slave station, and an additional $30 off when you purchase an additional slave station. Free shipping included!

Offer valid till 4/26/19  

The SM-8 Switch is a DMX Control Station with 8 programmable scenes, and a built-in switch for transferring control from this unit back to your lighting console, and vice versa. It is the easiest way to control your DMX lights! It requires no installation, you can simply put it into the loop between your console and your fixtures, and then you’ll have 8 scenes at your fingertips! It can lay flat in your booth.

Each SM-8 Switch is also expandable! You can add up to 3 slave stations per SM-8 Switch. Each slave station works like a light switch, giving you easy access to the 8 scenes you programmed on the SM-8 Switch. The slave stations connect to the Switch via Cat5 cable, saving you expensive DMX runs. 

Popular slave station placements include on the stage for easy control during rehearsals and at the entrance of a venue by the regular light switches. This allows you to skip going to the lighting console for basic everyday use.  Each slave station becomes inoperable when the switch is flipped on the SM-8 Switch, and control is given back to your lighting console. 


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