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DMX Control Station

The SM-8 Switch is a DMX Control Station with 8 programmable scenes and a built-in switch for transferring control from this unit back to your lighting console, and vice versa.  

It was designed for cases where you wouldn’t want to, or couldn’t turn off your main lighting console. The traditional SM-8 wall station becomes inactive when it senses DMX coming from your lighting controller. The addition of a switch allows the user to easily select whether control is coming from the controller or the SM-8 Switch.

Easy to Use Control Station

It is the easiest way to control your DMX lights! It requires no installation, you simply add it between your console and your fixtures, and then you’ll have 8 scenes at your fingertips! Great for venues, like school theaters and churches, which use volunteers. Instead of having to go to the console to make a change, just save your most common looks, and use the SM-8 Switch!

You can even add wall mounted slave controllers for extra control points around your venue. The SM-8 Switch can connect to up to 5 SS-8 slave units via Cat-5.


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Joseph Jul 17th 2018

Desktop DMX Control Station

This device is fantastic...a great way to set up house or wall control of house lighting. The beauty of this device is that you immediately have a master controller pre wired in a nifty little box already to insert between your existing console and your DMX wiring. I have an auditorium with house and stage lighting all controlled via DMX…I put this box up in the control booth and instantly had 8 presets at my fingertips. I then installed a slave Wall Station simply by cutting a hole in the wall and running cat5 from my booth to the first slave, which I put at the back of the house for entry lighting. I installed another slave back stage and I will also leave a coil of cat5 from that box and make up a roaming remote out of another slave unit to use for light setup or lighting that I want to control from a non fixed stage point. Supper handy…just set up a set of lighting scenes from the booth memorize them with the master and ready to go for 8 presets. Works great for letting inexperienced people have control for some lighting such as guest performers, special talks, etc. the uses are endless.

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