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Springtree’s Headworn Premium Microphone is an Omnidirectional Dual Ear Microphone for Presenters, Pastors, Lecturers, and Theatrical Performers. They are simple to use, affordable to purchase, and sound amazing!  

What Makes It Different?

The price is usually the first thing customers bring up. “This sounds better than our $350 mics!” The Springtree Premium sounds incredible, with exceptional audio reproduction. They were designed to make great audio simple. You do not need to be an amazing audio engineer to EQ them, and they feature a low sensitivity to annoyances, like breathing and popping overloads. One of the biggest users of our microphones are pastors, and so form was extremely important to us. The Premium includes a dual ear for added stability, that is easy to attach and detach based on your preference. You will forget you are even wearing it!

Microphones for Water

$20 of every microphone sale will be donated to Living Water International, to help dig wells and provide hygiene projects for communities without safe drinking water.

View Manual -for Features and Specs List!

2 Reviews

Steve Johnson - Facebook Review Jan 20th 2020


Got one a couple weeks ago and it has worked flawlessly! Love the over the ear on both sides. Comfortable and GREAT sound!

Brandon Parrish Nov 11th 2019

Super Comfortable!

Dual-Ear is so comfortable, I forgot I was even wearing it!

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