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Springtree's Airwave Microphone is a professional single-ear headset boom microphone that uses an omni-directional mic capsule for excellent clarity and high quality of sound output. It comes in three different models depending on which wireless system you want to use it with. It comes mic connectors for use with Audio-Technica*, Sennheiser, or Shure wireless systems.

What Makes These Mics a Springtree Exclusive?

  • They feature a shortened boom, so you will forget that you are even wearing it. Its been our experience that kids are less likely to play with a microphone that is further away from their mouth.
  • Unlike their sister microphones in the Slimline series, the Springtree model doesn't feature a detachable cable. While convenient, the detachable cable is a breaking point.
  • They will sound great out of the box. EQing will always make a microphone sound better, but these will sound great even with limited mixing knowledge. 

They are the perfect microphone for children's theatre, and a favorite for pastors to preach in! They are well built, adjustable, and come with a great warranty. As long as you didn't rip the cord apart, Springtree will replace any broken microphone with a brand new one within first year of purchase. 

Microphones for Water!

Why would a lighting company be selling microphones? 

Because we are not just about selling lights, but also about being a light in this dark world. These microphones are incredible, even though they do not cost a lot. A large part of profit from every microphone sold will go to help fund a well in Central America by Living Water. You need a microphone, if these sound great at a price you can't find anywhere else, why not also help give the thirsty clean drinking water

* will not work with Audio-Technica's newest connectors

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Lexy Shepard Mar 19th 2019

As Good As A Countryman!

They are actually better, because they are more durable! We use them for our children's theatre. We highly recommend!

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