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The problem with many older facilities is how to retrofit traditional house lighting to LED. We designed the LED Spatial Pendant for a church built in the 70's that required a simpler to install pendant light that didn't require DMX cable runs. A light that looked elegant and simple. The solution was creativity, the result was an LED Pendant that is both simpler and more affordable to use. It is also very quiet, with a double fan system that allows for great heat distribution. It looks equally great in brand new facilities, and we have been proud to partner with dozens of churches to help bring beautiful light.

DMX control means that they can be easily controlled right alongside your stage lighting from a DMX Control Station for easy, everyday control. The LED Spatial Pendant is an 80 degree, 120 watt COB LED fixture that creates a beautifully bright even coverage that blends smoothly together in multiples. Available with a Warm White or RGBW lighting engine. The Warm White Model is the most popular for its ability to create a natural feeling warm white that creates a sense of comfort in a space. Though, many churches opt to go with the RGBW to add colors during worship. RGBW lighting engines are also capable of making a pleasant white. 


  • Between an RGBW LED COB Engine for the creation of thousands of vibrant colors 
  • Or a Warm White LED COB Engine for the creation of a natural looking white that makes performers look great!

What's New

  • Works well with the Springtree Wireless DMX System. An XLR input is provided on each fixture that allows you to plug in the wireless receiver, while a 5V mini connector is provided on the top of each fixture for easily powering the receiver.  
  • Provides Phoenix Connector input and output for easily wiring and linking DMX between fixtures. This allows you to use a spool of DMX cable for exact measurements without waste. You can also use the provided XLR input with a traditional 3-pin DMX cable. 

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