LED Gobo Projector that Rotates | Elite60


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Springtree’s Elite60 is a 60-watt gobo projector with rotating ability!

Simple to use, the Elite60 creates clear, crisp visuals. It is perfect for logo projection, and is packed with pro features that make your job as easy as pressing a button on the included IR remote. It can rotate left or right at various speeds. You can stop the rotation at any point for static projection. Additional functions include blackout, fade, and strobe. Manual coarse and fine focus adjustments allow you to get that perfect look. At 60 watts, it blows away the other gobo projectors of this size, while being a more compact option then a traditional ellipsoidal. Easy to mount for rentals or permanent installation.


  • 60W LED
  • Uses SIZE E (37.5mm diameter) gobos
  • Coarse and fine focus adjustments
  • Stationary or rotating (left or right) projection
  • Rotation speed adjustment
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Blackout, fade, and strobe functions
  • IR remote included


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