What's VANTAGE by RF Venue?

Vantage by RF Venue

Vantage by RF Venue is spectrum analysis software for use with the RF Explorer Pro, to find open frequencies for wireless microphones and in-ear monitors. The RF Explorer Pro is a portable spectrum analyzer tool for scanning the 15-2700 MHz Wideband range. Vantage software is compatible with all models of RF Explorers as well as the rackable RF Explorer RackPro. 

It is important to note that RF Venue is a very Mac oriented company, and their Vantage software is only compatible with Mac 10.10 and above, and is not compatible at all with windows. 

ModelMAP Price Your Price?
RF Explorer Pro
$499Click for Your Price!
Vantage $99$99
RF Explorer RackPro
$449Click for Your Price!

*Vantage software offers a 14 day free trial!

Vantage Walkthrough!

Live Spectrum Scans

Vantage software really doesn't have a learning curve. There is not even a printed manual, just a few short videos to help you with setup. It's that simple! Hook up the RF Explorer, and launch Vantage, and you're immediately scanning. 

You can export Scan Data in CSV format to industry standard frequency coordination programs, such as Shure's Workbench, Sennheiser's Wireless System Manager, and Professional Wireless System's Intermodulation Analysis System. Vantage can also be used as a monitor to keep an eye on potential interferences and signal dropouts during a live show. 

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