LED Pendent Light- Thousands of Colors!

RGB9 LED Pendent Light

Today, we are looking at one of my all-time favorite products because it’s a great problem solver. It is our RGB9 LED Pendent Fixture. I know that it doesn’t look like much, but it has a lot of great features. They can be daisy chained four per channel on a controller like this for a total of 16 lights per control driver.

It has a high-intensity output with good color blending, for a lot of amazing applications. You can get a yoke for it and use it as a spotlight. We actually used it in a church where the ceiling was too low. We couldn’t use traditional lighting. We hung 8 of these with a yoke to create the stage lighting. 

Another really cool look, that we actually have here in our office, is with an attachable acrylic crystal. It doesn’t change the output of the light, but as you are looking across the room you can see the crystals glow the color you are projecting. We actually installed 40 of these in a military base, lit up the entire rec center with them. At night, when they change colors, they are absolutely gorgeous.

Another option is a mud-ring for use in a drop ceiling or in dry wall ceiling. I have these in my home, in my theatre, we have 8 of these, so we can change the color of the theatre any color I want.

What’s It Good For?

Any kind of ambient lighting that you need, in any kind of situation, be it a club, youth room, restaurants, or bars.

We once did lighting for DreamWorks, at the Opryland hotel. Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, and Shrek meet and greets. We actually embedded these into the set for an amazing look. And again, one controller will control up to 16 of these.

Full DMX Controller

You have 3-pin DMX in and outs on the controller. In one of our design changes, we made it so you have Phoenix connectors to use with 4 conducted wire to run it anywhere you needed to.

What distance can you go with the wire runs?

We’ve gone 100s of 100s of feet, but DC has severe voltage drops by distance, so the longer the run, use a heavier gauge wire. 18 gauge is fine. Four conducter, 18 gauge for almost anything you’re ever going to do. We’ve actually extended it over 7,500 feet with just cat5 with no problem, and no loss of intensity.

And that’s what’s it good for. It is the  RGB9 Pendant light!

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Optional Accessories 


Case study of all three uses in the Gibson Cafe in the Nashville International Airport