What if stage lighting didn't have to be stressful?

Meet the SM-8 Switch

SM-8 Switch

The SM-8 switch is the easiest way to have everyday control of your DMX stage and house lighting. This is because it requires no installation and is expandable to various control points around your venue via slave stations!

It offers 8 programmable lighting scenes with built-in fade times, and a switch for changing control between itself and your lighting console or a computer running lighting software. Easy to program, it can simply sit in the loop of DMX going between your console and fixtures. It expands to slave stations via Cat5.

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Simple House Lighting, That is Beautiful and Efficient

and only $359.99! 

Meet our LED Spatial Pendant!

And the Wireless System it works with.


The Springtree Wireless System is designed to work seamlessly with our LED Spatial Pendants. On top of each Spatial Pendant is a power adapter for easily powering up the receiver. They are reliable, and as easy to use as powering up and matching numbers on the receiver and transmitter! They offer 16 ID codes for switching between various channels. 

They are expensive because they are truly incredible! 

$59.95 each

Wireless DMX Transmitter and Receiver System

A Beautiful Way to Wash a Stage!

Spatial Wash COB RGBW

Spatial Wash COB

Stage Lighting

Buy a light, Be a light.

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