Giving Tuesday!


Springtree LED is about this equation, Simplicity=Joy, and part of that simplicity is simply giving.

We love Living Water International! Other than raising my daughter, little has been more meaningful than my Living Water Drilling Trip to El Salvador. I will always remember this little girl named Alicia. She was kind of mean and had terrible teeth, probably because she loved coffee. But she still had the sweetest of smiles, and was precious. I fell in love with that little community, and loved those kids deeply. When we had entered that little community, there was no clean drinking water. When we left, they had a clean water pump. That little girl will not remember me, but her stomach will, as she drinks clean water that won't make her sick.

We wanted to create a way of fundraising that wasn't just us writing a check, or us asking you to donate. So we took one of our best products, and decided it was ok if we don't make much money on it. Our Premium Headworn Microphone is the best in its class, and for everyone we sell, we donate $20 to Living Water International. We call it Microphones for Water, and it has become our passion project.

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Written by Brandon Vaque- who grew up around AV, being dragged to help at rental events for his parents AV company. Before the age of 18, he had been in over a hundred church installs as his dad attempted to instill in him a good work ethic. Then after college, he did what he swore he would never do and joined the family business. His passion has been to simplify the lighting process, to take the stress out of navigating between thousands of similar products and control options.