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What is House Lighting? 

House lighting is a theatrical term for lighting the area the audience sits in.

Traditional House Lighting

Tends to be on a dimmer system, meaning the level of brightness corresponds to the level of power being fed to the fixtures. Our experience from retrofitting dozens of facilities is that traditional pendant style house lighting fixtures are heavy and cumbersome, compared to the new and lighter LED technology. 

Moving On Up to DMX and LED

LED is energy efficient, doesn't require bulb changes, and doesn't create large amounts of heat. LED also gives you access to create thousands of vibrant colors! DMX makes for easy control, allowing you to control your house lighting and stage lighting all from one console. You can use both a console and a DMX Wall Station together, for an easy way to turn your house lighting on and off without having to go to a console every time. Wireless DMX can save you the need to make long DMX cable runs. 

What is the Purpose of House Lighting a Church?

The simple answer is so people can have enough light to see where they are going. That is the practical function of house lighting, but the art is in fostering participation. RGBW house lighting gives you thousands of colors! You can coordinate between your stage and house lighting, to create a powerful mood so that its not a group just watching something, but participating in heartfelt worship. Good house lighting is about bringing in the congregation as participants in a service. That is how church lighting is different. 

What To Be Careful With LED

You want to avoid cold light. LEDs can often create a very cold looking white. You want to use a warm white. You also need reliable pro LEDs that won't go bad on you, while not being too expensive to replace. Warm light creates a sense of comfort, and allows you to illuminate a great place of fellowship.   

A Good Option

Springtree LED Spatial Pendants

We built our LED Spatial Pendants out of a seen need to retrofit a historic church to LED technology, and now they brightly illuminate dozens of churches! They are 120Watt COB LED fixture with a 80-degree beam angle for a beautiful, even coverage that blends smoothly together in multiples. The Springtree LED Spatial Pendant is the most affordable solution, while being one of the most visually pleasing! Other LED Pendants start over $1,000 a fixture, and don't have an outer shell that makes it easier to hide excess cables, and cable ends.

Available Options:
  • Warm White LED Engine: A natural feeling Warm White that creates a sense of comfort in a space.
  • RGBW LED Engine: for the creation of thousands of vibrant colors.


Thanks for reading!

Written by Brandon Vaque- who grew up around AV, being dragged to help at rental events for his parents AV company. Before the age of 18, he had been in over a hundred church installs as his dad attempted to instill in him a good work ethic. Then after college, he did what he swore he would never do and joined the family business. His passion has been to simplify the lighting process, to take the stress out of navigating between thousands of similar products and control options.