Elite60: Truly the Best Gobo Projector at the Price?

The best Gobo Projector at the best price

That is a hard claim to make, but we are confident in  our little Elite60. Here is how it compares to some popular models. 

GOBO Projectors Elite60
Chauvet DJ EZGobo
Chauvet DJ Gobo Zoom USB  American DJ Ikon Profile
Price (MAP) $249.99 $189.99 $319.99 $319.99
Watts 60W 10W 25W 32W
DMX No No 3-pin 3-pin
IR Remote Yes Yes Not Included Not Included
Rotates Automatic No Automatic No
Battery No 4 hours No No
Manual Focus Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gobo Size 37.55mm 25.8mm 25.74mm 26.8mm
LED Yes Yes Yes Yes

Every different projector brings a different strength, like Chauvet DJ's EZGobo's 4 hours of battery operation, which could be a huge plus for short events. Or the DMX compatibility of the Gobo Zoom and Ikon Profile. 

What the Elite60 delivers that is different is brightness for truly crisp Gobo Projections!

Another Great Option!

LED Ellipsoidals

Another great option for Gobo Projection is the classic option, ellipsoidal fixtures. Ellipsoidal fixtures give you framing, DMX control, and manual zoom! The trade off being a higher price tag, and a larger blueprint. The Elite60 will be more discrete, which would be a huge plus for permanent installations. 

A great Ellipsoidal to consider would be Chauvet DJ's EVE E-50Z. At 50Watts it is comparable in brightness to the Elite60, but with a higher price-tag of $539.99, which could be worth it if you need framing and a larger range of manual zoom. This would probably be the way to go for theatrical productions. Another option would be the Profile Spot. At 120Watts, it would bring another level of brightness to the table, while being only $160.00 more then the EVE E-50Z.

Functions the Elite60 Would Be Perfect For 

  • Weddings
  • Corporate Logos
  • Permanent Installations

Thanks for Reading!