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We love products that are better, simple to use, and cost less. It is hard to find something that is all three, and thats what makes the CBM-5 a gem! The industry standard is three times as expensive, and has three points to break down for shipping purposes. While that may make for easy transportation, it also adds three additional break points. The CBM-5 sounds incredible, while proving itself durable. A huge plus for use with children. It also includes a stand!

How We've Used It

There have been scenarios in schools where the budget has not allowed for body packs, or over-ear microphones for every student. An affordable alternative has been to put two of these choir mics on the stage, and the result was a great sound without feedback. This is great for elementary schools, and youth productions at churches. For high school, and larger productions, we would of course recommend over-ears. The CBM-5 does deliver incredible quality and value for choirs! We have used 4 of the CBM-5s together to mic a 100 person choir singing behind Lee Greenwood.

Listed Price: $369.99

Why Is This Not Available for Sale Online? 

There are actually four variations. One with a 24" tall mic stand, one with a 62." And then there is a double boom model available with either of those sizes of mic stands. 

The CBM-5 is not listed on Springtree LED, but only on our expanded site. You can view the product page here. This is because when you enquire, we can offer a personalized low price. You can enquire via email or phone, or on the product page. We will be glad to answer any questions. Just let us know what variation you are interested in.

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Written by Peter Vaque. Peter founded Springtree Media Group back in 1999 as a production company for a nativity play. The venue needed stage lighting, and he got free use of the space if he installed it for them. And so without meaning to, his production company became a pro audio company. He has designed the AV of hundreds of churches, and dozens of schools and theaters, but likes it best when he can be creative. (he is the bald guy in the video)