Airwave Amazon Reviews

On top of free 2-day shipping, Amazon is great as a collector of product reviews. 

Here is a collection of their reviews on Airwave's HSD Slimline Over-Ear Microphones. Our Springtree-Airwave Mic shares the same capsule, and audio quality, but has two modifications. 

Our Springtree-Airwave Over-Ear features a 

  1. Shorter Boom
  2. And No Connector at the Headset

The connector is practical, but serves as another breaking point. We have found that removing the connector has made the mic more durable. The shorter boom makes for a comfier fit for pastors and performers alike. They are a popular option for children's theatre because kids are less likely to play with the less noticeable shorter boom.

5-Stars Reviews 

Don- "Works Great! Since most of the similar headsets were running around $400, I was concerned about this one being good enough. My fears were put to rest the first time we used it. It works great!"

Matt- "Works great for speaking and vocal recordings"

Jim- "I wear this microphone when I preach at our Church. I'm very animated, yet, the microphone has responded perfectly. A major advantage over the far more expensive brands is the ability to detach the cord from the earpiece in the event you get a short. The replacement cords are even less money (about 1/3 of the cost of the microphone). Highly recommend this microphone, especially if you move around a lot when you speak. :)"

John- "I was a little nervous about switching from Countryman headsets, but when three of them went out within a month with little warning, the $400 pricetag for countryman x 3 units was a bit steep. Took a leap of faith with these guys for a lot less money and so far they have been great." 

Kimberly- "Great performance for speaker. Paired well with shure reciever"

DRMC- Great Microphone! This mike is perfect for our church. Older congregation needs clear and loud voice sound projected through our amplifier. Sits comfortably over ear and stays put. A little pricey but it has the quality sound.

Erick- Great price and great sound! love it great sound for a lot less the a countryman

Jimmy- This microphone was purchased to replace a "Countryman" mic which is about $350! The sound is just as great for both speaking (I'm a pastor and preach every Sunday) and vocals (I do a little singin' also). In August the cable was giving me a bit of a problem, so I e-mail Airwave Technologies and their representative Carlo asked for a copy of the reciept and sent me a new cord under warranty. This all took just a few minutes, and a couple of e-mails. Customer service like this is rare! Companies should model their customer service after Airwave--they treated me as a valued customer and I appreciate that!

4-Stars Reviews

Reallife- "After putting in hours researching microphones I found that the Airwave Technologies HSD-SLIMLINE+SE was the best buy. It has the same features as other microphones without the high price. It is barely noticeable on stage, sounds clear, you'll never hear the loud/distracting P's and D's that you hear with microphones of a lesser quality. The Airwave Technologies HSD-SLIMLINE is worth every penny!"

Daniel- "Countryman Substitute! The sound quality is excellent. The only comment that I have is that if you move about enthusiastically, the headset tends to slip. If I had to do it again, I would purchase the Airwave Technologies HSD-SLIMLINE+DE AT TAN Dynamic Microphone, Omni which has 2 ear loops and a neck strap. However, if you are using it for speaking, teaching, preaching, etc., it is a great product."

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In addition to our Springtree-Airwave Over-Ear Microphone, we carry the entire Slimline!