8-Way Universal DMX Splitter


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  • 3-pin DMX input and (8) 3-pin DMX outputs
  • LEDs indicate the status of each channel
  • Because this unit is powered, it also acts as a DMX Signal Booster
  • Allows for a maximum of 32 units on each output.
  • Complete electric isolation between each output to avoid data collision
  • 1 year Springtree warranty

1 Review

Jake Jul 27th 2018

Great Product

I love this DMX splitter.! I’ve used it on multiple live events and I’ve never had an issue. It’s very durable. It’s been dropped a few times but it still works great! :) I’m sure there are heavier duty splitters out there but why spend the extra money when this gets the job done effectively. I highly recommend this DMX splitter for anyone needing to split their DMX signal without breaking the bank.

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